Specific laws, rules, and regulations govern the profession of nursing in the state of Florida. Some of these are particular to the profession of nursing while others are more general in nature and pertain to nursing as well as to other professions and/or occupations. But in either case, whether a regulation is only concerned with the profession of nursing or it is more general in scope, nurses practicing in the state of Florida must comply with the requirements and restrictions that have been developed by the Florida Board of Nursing. The administrative, ethical, and legal requirements and restrictions are not intended to be technical guidelines. They are not specific standards of care. They provide definitions about what nursing is, what nurses may do and what they may not do, how they should be educated, the licensure process, and what behavior or actions are considered unethical, unprofessional, and illegal and the discipline process that is applied to nurses who violate ethical and professionalstandards.

The information in this course has been developed from two sources:

  1. Florida State Statutes, 2016 Title XXXII: Regulation of the Professions and Occupations. Chapter 464: Nursing. Part I Nurse Practice Act; Part II Certified Nursing Assistants, and 2) the rules of The Board of Nursing, Chapter 64B9 of the Florida Administrative Code. There is considerable overlap between the two, but they are not identical.