ThinkCEU, Corp.

 Is approved as a continuing education provider by the Florida Board of Nursing. Provider Number 50-25750. Reciprocity applies between State Boards of Nursing regarding Board Recognized Continuing Education Providers.

For example;

 A Continuing Education Provider which is accredited by one State Board of Nursing, is recognized by another Board of Nursing providing that criteria for accreditation is substantially similar. Information for each state is shown below.


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Board Approved CE Providers

ThinkCEU, Corp. is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the : 



West Virginia

ThinkCEU, Corp. Reports to CE Broker

Board Approved RN and LPN CE Providers

“The West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional nurses accepts RN CE contact hours provided by a Board approved RN CE provider” Examples include “Any State Board of Nursing in the U.S.” For additional information visit the West Virginia RN Board. The West Virginia State Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses “shall recognize as an approved provider, an agency which meets the minimum provider standards in subdivision 4.2.a. through 4.2.g. of this rule. Approved providers include “Boards of Nursing – United States and Territories” [WV Code §30-7 and Title 10, Series 6, W. Va. Code of State Rules (CSR) §10-6-4]. For additional information visit the West Virginia LPN Board. 


ThinkCEU, Corp. Reports to CE Broker

Acceptable Organizations / Approved Approval Bodies for Continuing Education

“The Board of Nursing will accept nursing continuing education activities approved by certain organizations/bodies including; all State Boards of Nursing provided that the appropriate documentation and contact hour assignment has been made and meets all other guidelines as set forth by the ASBN rules.” For additional information visit the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.

District of Columbia

ThinkCEU, Corp. Reports to CE Broker

Recognized Continuing Education Credits

“The District of Columbia Board of Nursing recognizing continuing education credits that have been administered and approved by a registered nurse organization, or health services organization that is recognized by their Board” For additional information visit the District of Columbia Board of Nursing.


ThinkCEU, Corp. Reports to CE Broker

Acceptable Providers for Continuing Education

“Acceptable providers for continuing education for Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses includes “Any provider recognized by another State Board of nursing within the United States. ” For additional information visit the Georgia Board of Nursing

New Mexico

ThinkCEU, Corp. Reports to CE Broker

Approved Continuing Education

“To be acceptable in New Mexico, the CE activity must have been approved by a recognized approval body and must enhance the licensee’s scope of professional development as related to his/her activities in nursing. Recognized approval bodies for CE for nurses includes “Other State Boards of Nursing” For additional information visit the New Mexico Board of Nursing.

South Carolina Board of Nursing

ThinkCEU, Corp. Reports to CE Broker

Acceptable Continuing Education Providers / Organizations

“The State Board of Nursing for South Carolina will accept continuing education contact hours from certain providers / organizations including “Any State Board of Nursing” For additional information visit the South Carolina Board of Nursing.